Bicycle Seat Clamp,ALLOY, YX-049 | UUR

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  • Diameter: Ø 31.8x15mm Ø 35.0x15mm
  • N.W./PC: 38.6G (Ø 35.0x15mm)
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    Bicycle Seat Clamp

    YX-049 ALLOY

    Diameter  -----------  Ø 31.8x15mm Ø 35.0x15mm

    FENISH  -------------  SBK-SCP

    N.W./PC  ------------  38.6G (Ø 35.0x15mm)

    --seat clamp bike5-049-

    UUR, Precision aluminum parts,

    We have been insisted on using the best materials and mostly high-strength aluminum alloy. Meanwhile, we always make full use of characteristics of the materials after multi-views to provide the best products integrating stiffness with comfortable and lightweight features.

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